Monday, February 6, 2017

~Come Back Swinging~

Hello it's your old friend Sweets.  It's been at least a year since I last posted it seems.  I thought I'd blog a bit before I go the sleep.
I have a gym membership.  I was going almost 5 days a week for a while and tomorrow I plan to get back into the groove.
Re-reading my old entries I realize I have zero charm or what I would call a Writer's Presence.  I could either try to edit my attitude or I could continue to be myself.  I feel like I'm too matter of fact.  I don't gush often enough.  I'm not raw enough.  I tend to not elaborate.  Thankfully I never claimed I was a talented writer or an entertaining personality. *crickets*
I finally started watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  That chick has charm and depth.  She's highly likable and extremely expressive in appropriate ways.  I could never have my own TV show because I'm crazy.. Like crazy in a sad way I think.  LOL.  The crazy single cat lady who is 36 years old and does not have a job because reasons.  I don't know how to adult.  Thats enough about me and my shortcomings.  I'm supposed to be here to write about food and clothes and other things that I like.
I bought an awesome tee shirt form  It's a 3 quarter length sleeve grey and white shirt with a large picture of Pusheen the famous emoji cat looking like a dino kitty.  The material is super duper soft it runs true to size or maybe even slightly bigger.  Mine is a 3x.  Hats off the Think Geek for making a cute Adult tee that fits larger customers.  I think it brings out the playful side in me.  Being serious all the time is boring.

Here's a good picture of me being totally unserious.  I think perhaps I'm way cuter when I pull funny faces.

What did you all think about Lady Gaga's halftime performance?  I agree that she completely nailed it and when she sang some of her older songs from The Fame album I was astounded with how she belted them out with even more gusto than I heard in the original album versions.  She rose to the occasion!  She's a genius through and through.  I admire her as both a person and artist.  


Monday, February 8, 2016

I Made A Video!

So I am experimenting with doing my own cooking show.  I'm not sure whether or not I'm really entertaining.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Torrid Excursion. Sweet Sweater and High Waisted Pants Are Back.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the clothing manufactures and those in the fashion industry who came to their senses and stopped making all jeans and casual pants low rise.  For a plus size or even curvy gal the low rise pant is and was a complete disaster- unless you're into Plumber's Butt.

So I ventured into Torrid today and tried on a few items and I had my bff take a picture of me on my favorite ensemble.
The sweater is a pinky peachy color and had silver lips on it.  It was a size 3x.  The pants were a size 26 and were a dark grey with three buttons at the waist and a zip fly.  I did not fail to notice that they had some interesting faux leather pants on the same table where I found my grey stretchy pants.
The ones on the picture have just enough spandex and taper at the ankle making them very slimming yet comfortable.

I've been told my socks are ridiculously bright blue.  I agree.  Thats a killer pose there, don't ya think?  :-P  Yeah, so modeling might not be my strong suit.  LOL.

If i was not trying to keep to a budget and also lose some weight I would have purchased this outfit.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

No Candy for The Sexy Pussycat!

Halloween has come and gone.  I did my best to avoid eating candy and I even managed to eat mostly healthy over brief holiday which is why tomorrow I'm going to weigh myself and start counting calories.  Let's see how that goes!!!  
Today I want to review a faux fur jacket I bought from ASOS.  The coat is by the company Alice & You.  It is referred to as their Colored Shaggy Fur Jacket.  I bought it in a size 24 and it seems to no longer be available in that size from ASOS- just a heads up.  The inner diva in me wanted to rock a colorful shaggy faux fur coat this fall and winter.  Wearing it makes me feel as proud as a peacock and also super snuggly and warm.  The cost was high but not way too much.  The expense seemed to be justified by the quality and uniqueness of the coat.  This jacket does not close.  It does not have buttons or a zipper.  I found it runs true to size.  If you've never felt the warmth and luxuriousness of a sweet faux fur jacket with a silky lining inside then you have not lived!  

Alice & You Colored Shaggy Fur Jacket

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ugh- The Day That Did Not Go As Planned

I couldn't get out shopping today but here's a picture of my girl cat Sushi.  I will be busy the next few days .  Please pardon my absence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wait For It

I have a lot of exciting things planned for tomorrow's blog!
I will be visiting Torrid and bringing my friend and my camera and I will be trying on some clothes that I may or may not be purchasing.  I will try stuff on and get lots of pictures from different angles. I have not yet come to terms with how awkward this might seem to the other store shoppers and the sales people.  I think the appropriate thing to do is to tell them it's for my blog.
I have not yet decided where lunch will be but I will blog about that too.
I should have my new post up by tomorrow evening.
Goodnight lovely people.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Entry #1 Dresses Bras and Vegetarian Burgers

Now that I've kind of introduced myself and then sat back and chilled for a week I thought I'd shakily attempt to get into the real meat of what I am trying to do here which is to review plus size fashion and food.

The title of my blog is only misleading in one way.  It is misleading because not everything I eat is fattening.  I plan to review all kinds of food all across the scale of healthiness from downright awful for you to incredibly lean and nutritious.  I had a really interesting vegetarian burger at a restaurant called The Buttonwood Grill located in Peddler's Village.  This village of shops is in Lahaska PA which is a downright beautiful area, especially with the fall foliage.

The burger was made with black beans, quinoa, and feta cheese.  I got it topped with goat cheese which is one of my favorite cheeses.  I'm not going to lie- My mom's medium cheddar burger made me long for beef but at the same time I was really enjoying the medley of flavors and even then texture of my burger.  It was seasoned correctly and they made sure that there was plenty of burger for the big bun.  Since I didn't bring my camera I am not going to babble on about a burger I don't have a nice picture of.  Face/Palm.  I can say that the presentation was delightful down to the pickle son top of the burger secured with a toothpick!

Next I want to express my delight with a purchase I made on  It's what they call a Bodycon dress and I DO have a picture of me wearing it.  Although the photo is not head to toe you can still get an idea of how it fits and whether or not you would be comfortable wearing it

I bought it as part of my Halloween costume.  I found a cat ear headband on Amazon to match the dress!  The material is surprisingly soft and has a lot of give to it.  I am wearing a size 24 US.  While it is not too tight or uncomfortable you can pretty much forget about bending over and as you walk around it rides up at the bottom.  What I am saying is it's too short for my standards.  I wear it with black spandex bicycle shorts or even long black Leggings.  I love the gold studding detail which makes this a perfect evening dress to wear out clubbing.  

Seeing as how Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would review one more special holiday themed article of clothing.  I went to and ordered the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress.  I wore to with one of my favorite Torrid bras which I will go into more detail about shortly.  
Aside from the obvious bra straps showing, this is not a bad dress.  Then again, nobody has perfect upturned boobs that do not require a bra at all.  The bra strap thing could definitely be an issue. I personally don't know of any way to push up the "girls" without a real heavy duty bra with shoulder straps.  This dress is a size 3x from the HalloweenCostume website and they have a multitudinous amount of plus size costumes that come even bigger than size 3x.  
I don't think white is flattering on my tummy.  Marilyn was curvy but she wasn't HEAVY.  Anyways, who gives a hoot?!  Just have fun and be whatever you want to be.  

Here is the link to the bra I am eating under the Marilyn dress.   I got the lavender one wight he black lace.  I don;t know if color is still available.  In Torrid Bra sizes i'm a 46 C.  I bought it in the store.  I don't see that size online with the red bra in the same style.  It's super-comfortable.  Most of my bras are wire free.  Not this one!  

So with that I conclude my first real blog entry.